Body Pump and Board Games

After class today, the guy I was sitting next to in class struck up a conversation with me on my walk to the bus stop. He was really nice, and asked if I wanted a ride home. Though he’s a regular classmate, and good friends with another friend of mine, because I don’t know him too well personally, I kindly said no, that I actually prefer the bus – people watching, and whatnot – and caught a bus that only went as far as the mall. So I went for a quick shopping spree… for a tall pumpkin spice latte (no whip!). Then I realized I was running late for the body pump class with Liz, and ran home, desperately drinking my latte between mini-sprints (I used a re-useable PSL-themed Starbucks thermos, so I think they gave me more than a tall…). I changed so quickly, the Flash would be jealous, and then jogged to the gym just in time for the class.

It felt a lot easier today than it did last week – I definitely think going to the gym regularly is helping out a lot. Though I still wasn’t able to Continue reading

Salsa, Gym, and Quesadilla

I was flip-flopping about whether or not to go to salsa tonight. It would be the first time I’ve been since the school year started, and I’ve been missing it a lot. The one thing holding me back was the thought that my ex would be there – he took me there on our second date, and I was hooked. To the dancing. Salsa makes me happy, and since he doesn’t anymore, I shouldn’t let him take salsa away from me, too. Anyway, I decided that I’d go and have fun, whether he was there or not. I went. I had fun. He was there. I think he brought a date. I want to say I missed the dancing more than him, but that’s not entirely true. But I managed to laugh and smile and swing those hips in an adorable skirt Continue reading


The episode at the cycling class the other day is one more ingredient to the things that are making me unhappy right now. Lately I’ve been feeling incredibly undesirable, something I’m not comfortable with. I am usually confident, and don’t need outside encouragement or affirmation to think I’m beautiful. But every time I look into a mirror all I see is a bloated stomach, terrible posture, skin that keeps finding new areas to break out… the list goes on.

My imperfections are weighing on me, and I’m beginning to feel like I don’t have the power to fix them. If I can’t even last ten minutes on a bicycle, how will I ever have the stamina to do a complete work-out? And if I can’t work out, how will I get fit? The possible answer scares me… Continue reading

Treetop Adventure

I went zip-lining at Boler Mountain┬átoday with the Boy. Turns out, you don’t get to take the ski lift to the top of the mountain and zip down. No! You have to climb the trees and then proceed to navigate ridiculous obstacle courses to get to the zip lines.


It was amazing. I have never sweat so much in my entire life, and they ran out of water, so I was super dehydrated the whole time but wow! I will definitely do this course again when Continue reading

Work Out with Liz

Liz is my best friend. We’ve been best friends since kindergarten. She is going to school to become a doctor. This girl keeps me motivated. Though my aspirations are nowhere near as ambitious as hers, we both share a health and happiness goal. We’re helping each other achieve that.

Today she took me to Goodlife. The magical reverse elliptical machine has a fan that blows glorious, life-giving air on your face as you pump your legs up and down and forward and back awkwardly until your thighs scream and beg Continue reading

I Did Something!


Yesterday I did almost 200 crunches of different styles because my stomach looked like it was getting even more pudgy than usual. It kept bulging over the waistline of my jeans, and even my elastic pajama pants didn’t hide my after-dinner-bloat that could be mistaken for a fifth month of pregnancy… So I got down on the crumb-strewn carpet of my boyfriend’s bedroom and spontaneously Continue reading

Attempt 000

Throughout my entire life, I was always the skinny friend. Twig-like, active, double-zero-wearing, one-hundred-pounds-in-high-school-maximum, mom-had-to-take-in-all-my-clothes thin. Then when I turned seventeen I quit karate and dance and went to school, put on the freshman fifteen, and never stopped. Over the course of six years, I grew six sizes. Some of it was probably inevitable – you shouldn’t be able to fit into the same clothes you wore in grade six, anyway – but most of it Continue reading