Body Pump and Yoga and Vegetarian Pasta Sauce

Liz and I tried out a Body Pump class at the gym on Monday. It involved lifting weights and lots of squats, which means that yesterday I was waddling around campus, desperately trying to get to my classes on time. Once at said classes, I spent more time massaging my thighs than taking notes, which earned me many a perplexed glance from the T.A.s I sat next to.

Today, my muscles are still sore, but Liz convinced me to do a Yoga class with her. She promised it would be a low-key, go-at-your-own-pace kind of event. I was the newbie, but the instructor made me feel welcome. I was thankful that she didn’t seem to be slowing down the class Continue reading


Happy fun time ish.

As far as fitness is concerned, I got to the gym once… since I last posted. It was with Liz again, and one of her friends she frequently goes with. It was decent – sometimes I forget that it’s okay to take it easy. Working out doesn’t always have to end up with me passed out on the floor.

An update on the relationship: my loving, beautiful, amazing boyfriend is no longer my boyfriend. I’m proud to say I didn’t spiral into a fit of ice cream and fried foods; in fact, I’ve become a vegetarian. I’m not sure how this will hold up. I’ve managed to stick with it for a whole month and a half now, with only a couple mistakes (due to ignorance, now corrected). I watched a video of a dog trying to save a few fish from suffocating, and realized that animals have souls, and that I felt barbaric eating them. That’s my basis for converting to vegetarianism. I don’t know how long it will last – I love meat, and fish, and I can’t really imagine life without sushi, but so far I’ve been able to keep it up, with only the slightest bit of remorse. I might have to include meat back into my diet again eventually… I feel as though I’m definitely one of those people who would be prone to protein deficiency, so I might break down to one meat meal a month. When I told my father that I was no longer eating meat, he gave me a look that said, ‘You are no longer my daughter’, and immediately made me an egg McMuffin… with ham. It’s not considered a meal unless there is a meat portion to it, he believes. And he’s constantly trying to convert me back – cooking bacon first thing in the morning, ordering sushi platters that conveniently forget to include the veggie rolls, adding pepperoni to every pizza… so far all his labours have been for nothing; I’ve held my ground.

Anyway, I’ve deviated from the initial point. I’ve been dating again, because I know exactly what I want in a relationship now, and my ex was not able to provide that for me. The reason I even brought up the break-up was because I’ve been dating again, and one of those dates brought me to Junction, a local rock-climbing establishment. The hour and a half that we spent there definitely made up for the slices of pizza (with creamy garlic dip) that we consumed after the fact. For the next two days, my triceps were throbbing, along with other muscles I didn’t realize existed. Did you know your fingers can hurt the same way your thighs can after running really hard?? Carrying trays of beer at work was another work-out all on its own!

School has started, and so far I’ve enjoyed everything. I’m only behind by a little, and by a little I mean… a lot. Even though I tried so hard over the summer to read ahead. C’est la vie (I can’t remember if that’s how the French spell it). I’ll just have to catch up on all my readings this week.

Speaking of which! Time to read Beowulf until I fall asleep. Sweet dreams, Internets.


The episode at the cycling class the other day is one more ingredient to the things that are making me unhappy right now. Lately I’ve been feeling incredibly undesirable, something I’m not comfortable with. I am usually confident, and don’t need outside encouragement or affirmation to think I’m beautiful. But every time I look into a mirror all I see is a bloated stomach, terrible posture, skin that keeps finding new areas to break out… the list goes on.

My imperfections are weighing on me, and I’m beginning to feel like I don’t have the power to fix them. If I can’t even last ten minutes on a bicycle, how will I ever have the stamina to do a complete work-out? And if I can’t work out, how will I get fit? The possible answer scares me… Continue reading

Body Combat Class

On Wednesday I went to the gym and participated in their Body Combat class. It combined martial arts with music, and the black belt and ballerina inside me was so very, very thrilled. I was exhausted afterwards, and my lower back was murdering me (thankfully, a quick visit to the chiropractor fixed that!), and the day after, my “hammies”, as Liz calls them, were on fire! Not literally, or that would probably create a disgusting human bacon, but they are still singing today.

This class feels like it was designed for me! There are some habits from karate I need to break in order to fully perform some of the martial arts styles I’m unfamiliar with. Though I’m thrilled to see that my ten years of training has embedded within me technique that won’t quit, it’s also slightly troubling Continue reading

Attempt 000

Throughout my entire life, I was always the skinny friend. Twig-like, active, double-zero-wearing, one-hundred-pounds-in-high-school-maximum, mom-had-to-take-in-all-my-clothes thin. Then when I turned seventeen I quit karate and dance and went to school, put on the freshman fifteen, and never stopped. Over the course of six years, I grew six sizes. Some of it was probably inevitable – you shouldn’t be able to fit into the same clothes you wore in grade six, anyway – but most of it Continue reading